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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Panel Track Blinds…Crucial Tip to use Now

Panel Track Blinds

I first saw panel track blinds come on the market about 10 years ago. They were popular in Europe before coming to the states. It wasn’t long before people were switching out their verticals for them.

What are Panel Track Blinds

They are several pieces of material each approx. 20-30 inches wide. They are attached to a sliding carrier in a headrail. When you pull the draw cord the panels will slide back and forth. You can either draw them open, so the sliding panels stack to one side, or draw them close so the sliding panels cover your window.

panel track blinds

One of he biggest issues…

….is the width of the sliding panels.If someone wasn’t familiar with panel track blinds and ordered them for there patio door lets say was 82 wide by 84 high, then you would probably get 3 thirty inch panels. When all is said and done you would always have 30” of your patio covered, that’s alot.

You have no control over panel width.

You give the company your measurements and they dictate the panel sizes. The only company I found that addresses this issue and gives you more control over panel width is Steve’s Blinds They give you more options to control the width of your panel sizes.

For example, the same size patio door 82 x 84 instead of (3) thirty inch panels you can opt for (4) 23” panels or (5) 20 inch panels. So now when your panels are stacked to one side their only taking up 20 inches. Also if you have the wall space and you want your entire window to be exposed then make the treatment wider so the sliding panels stack off to the side.

“When placing your order online, one of the entries is “Number of Panels”  This is where you can select how many panels you want. For example if you choose 5 panels each panel will be narrower then if you chose 3 panels.”

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How the panels are attached

All the panels I have seen so far are attached to the sliding carriers with velcro. Its kind of nice so if you need to take them down you just pull them off. The drawback of this is so can your kids. At Steve’s Blinds the’re is attached a little differently. The top of the panels slide into the sliding carriers. It’s a little more time consuming but stays up more securely.

Type of Controls and Valance

They also come with a wand control as a standard feature. Just grab the wand and slide. Very easy and much safer for children and pets. A cord control is available as an option. You can also get a valance for a small up charge.


Overall I like panel track blinds offered by Steve’s Blinds.  They have a very detailed product information sheet, shipping is free unless it’s a oversized order, and the only company I’ve seen to let you choose panel width.  The one draw back is they have a 3 part bracket thats a little harder to install but it’ hidden so you can’t see it.

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