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Hi My name is Robert and I’m a window treatment installer for the past 20 years. Before installing I worked as a decorator helping people select the best treatments for them. Many people came to know me as the blind guy so my my wife came up with the name BobTheBlindGuy. She thought it would be catchy and of course she was right.

I’ve been in thousands of homes and met even more people with the same thing in common “getting their window treatments installed”.  People are usually happy to see me since they are excited on seeing treatments installed. I hope they feel the same way after everything is up but the truth is sometimes they don’t.

It all goes back to who helped them select their treatments and how knowledgeable were they and did they have your best interests in mind or making the most money.

When you place an order for window treatments, many times you are putting your trust in someone else and hope that they know what their doing. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. You’ll know who does and doesn’t just as soon as your treatments are installed, and by then your either stuck with what they sent you or in for a hassle trying to get it corrected.

With a little help you can get the look you want and save a lot of money in an overpriced industry.

This site will show you what to look for before you place your order. It’s also a great resource for decorating, measuring, installing and how to save the most money. My articles point out all the small things that are overlooked or not aware of that will make the difference in your shopping experience.

You can realistically and easily spend twice as much for the same thing if you don’t know how to find the biggest savings.  I know this isn’t rocket science or brain surgery, but you want a treatment that you are going to be please with and at the best price.

Browse through some of the articles, you’ll find all kinds of helpful tips. A good place to start is with my free 6 step guide, you’ll not only get this extensive step by step guide but regular tips and advice.

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