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Woven Wood…be aware of how much window the gather covers up

So you decided on Woven Wood Shades also known as a Roman Bamboo Shades, this window treatment offers a natural, warm textured look.  

The Stack Can Obstruct Your View

One thing customers are surprised at is how thick the stack is. What I am referring to is when you draw the woven woods up, it is the gather at the top of the shade. On an inside mount (IM), the stack may cover up more of your window than you would like. An outside mount (OM) would allow you to have more window exposed therefore not obstructing your view. In this article, I will show you on an outside mount, where to mount your shade, and how high above your opening you should mount your roman bamboo shade. If your not okay with 8 inches or more of window being covered by a stacked woven wood when drawn up, then an outside mount is the way to go.  

How To Keep More Of Your View 

You normally have wall space above your window opening, so if you mount your
woven wood shade above your opening, your stack will clear better and you will be able to keep more of your view. How high above the window should you mount it? You typically want your stack to drop down 2 inches below the top of your window. You want the entire top edge covered up. Here’s why. If you mount your roman bamboo shade higher above the opening so that your entire stack clears the top edge of your window, you will see a line with the window, and a line with the bottom of the stacked woven woods Shade. Trust me, your eye will see these 2 lines and they will never be parallel and this drives most people crazy. To avoid this uneven appearance, measure so the stack drops to about 2 inches below the top opening.

Where On My Window Do I Mount My Woven Wood Shade 

Now we know how far down we want the stack to drop, so how high above the
opening should you mount the roman bamboo shade? Below I included a
stacking chart (all dimensions are approximate). Figure the height of your stack
and subtract 2 inches. So if your stack is 11 inches, mount your woven wood
shade 9 inches above your opening.


Here’s How To Figure Your Lenght 

Next question would be, how long do I order my woven woods? Here is the

Height of opening (if going below the sill, include that also) plus your stack minus2 in. For example, if your window opening is 60 inches and your stack (according to the chart) is 11 inches, take 60 + 11 = 72 – 2 = 69 inches. I would order my roman bamboo shade 69 inches in height. 


A Few More Tips 

Use the stacking chart as a guide. With these types of materials, nothing is real exact.
Also if you are going below the sill, you might want to add another 1 inch to your measurement to ensure everything is covered when your shade is lowered.
When figuring your width, add an inch to each side. So
when your shade is lowered, no trim will peek out from the sides. If privacy is an issue, add more than an inch.

Now you are armed with the information needed to ensure your results are the beautiful roman bamboo shade you hoped it would be. Remember this only applies to outside mounts. Good luck!

For More Info Click Here Woven Wood Shades  

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