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Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

Sliding glass door window treatments

…… are no loner limited to vertical blinds. This review will be of interest if you are searching options for your sliding glass door window treatments. One alternative is vertical cellular shades.

This is a vertical pleat system that is light weight, easily slides back and forth on a track system with the push of a finger.  Vertical cellular shades have a clean look, will save you money, is safe for children and very durable. Below I will address some issues and questions you might have.


1.) No Cords…..Slides side to side with just the push of a finger. Cordless also allows for a cleaner look. More importantly, it is safer than a corded treatment around a small child or pets.

 2. ) Available in either…..3/4 inch pleat Light filtering, order a sample and hold it up at night by your window to give you an idea of privacy OR  3/4 inch pleat Room Darkening; excellent at light blocking and privacy except on sides.  

3.) Four Stacking Options….Vertical cellular shades can be ordered as stack left, stack right, split stack, or center stack.  

4.) 6 inch Stack….This is one of the features many people like. More of your window and view are exposed when vertiglide is open. 

5.) Energy Efficient….Hot and cold air is trapped in the cells of the shade, This saves you money on your energy bill. You will feel the difference right away, especially on a hot or cold day. In the winter, be sure you open your shade at least once a day to get the air circulating behind it or you will get an ice build up on your glass.   

6.) Matching Material ….Match with horizontal cellular shades in the same room with your sliding glass door window treatments   
 7.) Inside Mount….You need 4 inches of depth if you want your confortex ovation vertical cellular to be completely recessed. You can get away with 1 inch of depth, but be aware that 3 inches of blind with project out. Take your door handle in consideration. Give the manufacturer exact measurements, they will take a small deduction off  width and length. This deduction will only be taken on inside mounts  

8.) Outside Mount….Mount 3 inches above your trim but if you must mount on your trim, you will need 3/4 inches of flat surface. For your width, you want the material to go past the trim by 4 inches on each side for privacy and light blocking. If you have thick trim of 1/2 to 1 inch, then ask for spacer blocks. If more than 1 inch, or you have a door handle that projects out more than usual, ask for extension brackets.  

9.) Best Price….Price will vary by as much as several hundred dollars for the same product. For example a shop at home retailer where a salesperson comes to your home will be 2-3 times more than purchasing online.

Vertical Cellular shades offer a clean appearance and has only a 6 inch stack so you maintain your view. Safe for your children because there are no cords and great for pets. Durable material can take a beating. Saves money on energy bills. Draw back is pleats don’t tilt like a vertical blind to control light.

I have worked with this product for a long time. I have tried to address some real concerns and issues in this review. Hope this helps when deciding on your sliding glass door window treatments. 

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