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Window Blinds…Subtle But Important Tip They Don’t tell You that You Need To Know

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In the article I am going to give you one subtle tip. It may be subtle but somewhere down the line you will appreciate it. You will want to keep this in mind if you measuring and installing window blinds and shades yourself or someone else is doing it for you. It applies to all different types of window treatments including cellular shades, roman shades or wood blinds but only if you plan to do an inside mount..

If your shopping for window treatments online and plan to measure and install yourself all the online retailers have a “how to measure” and “how to install” guide. They are all pretty standard, for an inside mount (im) they tell you to measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of the opening and to go with the smallest of the three. That is very important but what they don’t take into consideration are any obstacles within your window opening. You might say what do you mean it’s just a window. Yeah, just a window but you will find out down the road how annoying these will be. The one we are going to address here are screens. Screens 100_0023that let you feel the warm breeze in the summer without letting all the bugs in. But they do get dirty over time and on occasion you want to remove them for cleaning. If the person who installed your window shades did what most people do, they just set them back into the window opening and screwed the brackets in. But now your screens won’t come out unless you remove the shade and brackets! Pain in the butt plus it’s one of those things that stay on the honey do list. All this can easily be avoided by simply not setting the bracket all the way back into the window opening. If you leave about a half inch gap, that will be enough for the screen to slide up and behind the bracket for easy removal and easy install.

This is just one little subtle tip that can save much future aggravation. As a professional window treatment installer I have learned my lesson years ago. I had to go back to a customer’s home once to remove 20 window blinds and then reinstall them correctly at no charge. Lesson learned!

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