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Room Darkening Shades, Do Yours Let In Too Much Light In The Morning ?

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FB imageDo your  room darkening shades let too much light in? You did your due diligence, researched  which treatment would block the most light . Your one of those sleepers like me that want it to be as completely dark as possible. Your willing to spent the extra money on shades if their going to give you the results you want.  So you go to maybe a big box store or have a sales consultant from a local window treatment shop come by or even find an online retailer. You need to know no matter what they may tell you, you will still get light creeping in along the sides and maybe on the bottom and top of your new shades. How much? Well that depends on what type of treatment you select.

Blackout Roller shades work great at blocking out light but it’s along the sides is where the problem is. They are notorious for having huge gaps along the sides and top. Count on a 1/4 to 3/4 inch gap. And unless you spend extra money on a optional cassette at the top,  you will get even more light in.

Flat Roman shades with a blackout liners are bit better. Their gaps are smaller, around a 1/4 inch. You need some play in the width so when you draw the shade up and down it doesn’t bind but the drawback is the light creeping in along the sides. Another issue with roman shades is where they sew the liner to the material sometimes those needle pin holes let light in. I have seen it many times, you let the shade down only to see a couple pin holes shinning through.

My favorite room darkening shades is the blackout cellular or blackout honeycomb shade. Same thing just different terminology. Blackout cellular shades have the smallest gaps along the sides and the cellular material does a great job at blocking out light. Depending on the type of brackets they sent you will determined if you will get some light in at the top, and how level you sill is will determine if light will come through at the bottom.

One last word, finally there is a product that is designed to block the light that creeps in along the sides of your shades. It works with most types of shades and definitely with the ones mentioned in here. For more information click here at Sleepy Time Tracks. I hope this article brings to “light” some of the issues with blackout shades. It’s always better knowing up front what your getting into than learning after the fact.

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