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Cordless room darkening cellular shades top down bottom up…3 Tips before buying.

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Cordless room darkening cellular shades top down bottom up feature are not cheap. It’s suprising how much window coverings cost today. If your going to spent that much money you want this thing to do what it’s suppose to do. Here are 3 tips that that many window treatment companies either don’t bring to your attention for fear of losing the sale or just plan not informed. Keep these in mind and you will for sure be happier with your purchase

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Tip # 1 Has to do with measuring. Most places that sell cordless room darkening cellular shades top down bottom up feature will have some kind of instructions on how to measure. It’s pretty straight forward. You measure the width at the top , middle and bottom of your window opening. You go with the smallest of the three and round it down to the nearest 1/8 inch. For example if you get 51-1/4 at the top 51-1/8 at the middle and 51-1/16 at the bottom you would take the smallest which is the bottom and round it down to the nearest 1/8 which is 51. If you went with the top of 51-1/4 the when you lowered the shade it would bind and get stuck before it reached bottom. Now here is the Tip and it has to do with the length. Normally you would measure the height from the top to the bottom of your opening. And that is how they instruct you to do. But the problem is the cordless cellular shades almost always spring back up an inch or so when lowered. Specially blackout or room darkening. The way to combat this is to add an inch or so to the length. So if you measure your opening to be 61 long make it 62 or 63. This way when lowered it will rest on the sill and not spring back up. Remember this tip is only for cellular shades.

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Tip # 2 Has to do with depth. How do you know if you have enough depth for and inside mount. It has to do with the brand of shades and type of bracket. Best thing to do is check the company your considering buying from and ask what the minimum mounting depth is. All of them have that info. It will tell you what is the least amount of depth you need for and inside mount. For example many shades required only a 1/2 inch. That’s pretty common your shades will stick out a bit but that may be ok with you. They should also be able to tell you how much depth you will need if you want a flush mount. That’s where to shade is completely recessed in your opening.

Tip # 3 Do cordless room darkening cellular shades top down bottom up really make your room dark. My answer is they do about the best job out of all other shades on the market. The key word here is “about”. I don’t sell shades I just install them for other companies. The people who sell them very often leave out the part the light will still creep in along the sides and sometimes on the top and bottom. Some people that’s not a big issue they’re find with the amount of light the shade blocks out. But many others are very upset. They bought this shade because someone told them it will block out all light and make your room dark. What they left out is the fact that a considerable amount will shine in along the sides and depending on the brand the top and bottom. Keep this in mind when shopping around. One way to combat this is with a product designed to block the light creeping in along the sides is called Sleepy Time Tracks.

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So there you have it. Three tips that will make you an more informed buyer. Most people are ok with issues that they were informed up front about. But if you find out after the fact that your shades won’t stay down and keeps springing back up only to be told well that’s how they are. That’s bullshit and now you got to jump through hoops, make phones calls in order to get it resolved. So keep these things in mind when buying Cordless room darkening cellular shades top down bottom up.

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