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How to Clean blinds and Shades

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How To Clean Blinds and Shades

I like cleaning blinds as much as I like painting. I figure if I avoid it long enough my wife will do it. Well she does it anyway, not painting but cleaning the blinds. But there are times I can’t get out of it. Like if they get real bad and have to come down for a good cleaning in the tub or driveway.

I get asked a lot “How to clean my blinds and shades” I think the best way is to replace them with new ones, they’re real clean. But most of us like myself can’t afford that and even if we could it wouldn’t be very responsible.

So I put together some window treatment cleaning tips and tricks from housewifes,
husbands, window treatment manufacturers and myself. There are some good ideas here and time saving advice. It still won’t make cleaning blinds your favorite thing to do, but maybe it will make it a little more bearable.

Please remember to ALWAYS refer to the specific manufacturers’ cleaning
recommendations before using any method that could damage your shades.

How to Clean Cellular shades

Honeycomb cellular shades are both durable and functional. To keep your honeycomb
cellular shades looking like new, we recommend regular dusting with a feather duster. you can also use the brush attachment of your vacuum or even blow off dust with a can of compressed air. If you need to deal with stains, blot with a damp sponge and a very mild soap. If this does not take out the stain, you can remove the honeycomb cellular from its mounting bracket and soak it in warm, mild soapy water, avoid submerging the head rail.

Do not clean with any type of chemicals, cellular shades are held together using
an adhesive that will deteriorate if the wrong chemicals are applied.

Be very careful! Make sure to test the soap on a discreet corner first and rinse thoroughly. Be careful not to crush or wrinkle the fabric. Frequent cleaning may remove fullness and body of the pleated fabric. Re-hang and make sure shade is fully open and allow to air dry. When dry raise the shade tightly to re-crease the pleats. Extra care should be used when cleaning Cellular blackout material, Midnight, as the fabric could be permanently creased.

How To Clean Horizontal sheer shades

Fabric from sheer shades are made from sturdy, knitted polyester fabric and may be feather dusted or vacuumed at a low suction setting. Spots or stains can be lightly rubbed clean with a damp sponge and mild soap. To avoid discoloration of the material, use of chemical cleaners is not recommended.

How to get rid of those pesky lady bugs that crawl into the cells and make it their new home. If you draw you shade up with them in it, you squish them and stain your sheer material. A good solution is to get a can of compressed air and blow them out. It works great and you can pick up a can for a couple of dollars.

How To Clean Woven Woods and bamboo shades

To keep your woven woods looking like new, we recommend cleaning on a regular basis using a feather duster or the brush attachment on your vacuum. You may want to start by raising and lowering your natural shades to help reduce dust, and then use a synthetic dust-attracting duster such as Swifter (TM) on your woven wood shades. Spray the duster with a spray dust repellent like Endust (TM), and dust across the slats from the top of the shades to the bottom.

Dust the reverse side of the wood, especially if they are mounted outside the window frame. You can also use a cloth cut from a piece of polyester fleece for dusting. This synthetic fiber effectively picks up and holds dust. Wash and dry the fleece cloths once a month and reuse them. every so often, put a light coat of furniture polish on your woven wood shades.

Extend the woven woods to their full length. Apply the furniture polish to your soft flannel or linen cloth first, then wipe it gently across the woven woods material. Keep it off the binding and pull cords to avoid staining. Allow the shades to dry a bit, then buff them with a soft flannel or polyester fleece cloth. Raise them again to the height you want.

How to Clean Wood blinds

Close the blinds and run a duster over them weekly will make a difference. Feather dusters tend to scatter dust, so use cloth, wool, or “magnet” dusters. These will pull the dust away from the blinds, but it will collect on the surface of the duster instead of flying around the room. Using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner also works well, gently vacuum each slat. A small paintbrush can also be used to dust slats, works good at easily getting close to cords.

Another method is wearing an old cotton sock or soft cotton glove and wipe slats between your fingers.. For extra dirty blinds a small amount of lemon oil or wood preservative may also be used. I also used Windex and it worked fine, simply spray soft cloth or cotton glove and wipe.

Care must be taken when cleaning real wood blinds. Washing the blind is NOT
recommended. Although the wood is sealed, water or even excessive dampness may cause the slats to warp or become discolored . Instead of water use lemon oil or wood preservative. To prevent scratching or damage to the blind slat surface, do not use abrasive cleaners or chemical solvents.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended. It will damage the product.

How To Clean Faux woods

These are much more durable than wood blinds and can take a bit more scrubbing. A
regular cleaning with a vacuum with the brush attachment, a feather duster or damp cloth is recommended, but if you’re more of a stickler you can use a mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. If a really serious cleaning is necessary you can actually wash these blinds in the bathtub with soap and water, giving them a pretty good scrub with a nonabrasive sponge or brush and then dry them immediately. This shouldn’t be a frequent task because it can damage the cords, but it can be done in extreme cases.

This method was discovered by a husband charged with cleaning the blinds.

His method is:

(1)Shut the blind then remove from the window

(2)Place blind on the floor

(3) Use hand attachment on the vacuum moving vertically up and down one side, flip and repeat

(4) Rehang.

The entire process takes about two minutes per blind. Good Luck!

How To Keep Your Blinds Static and Dust Free

Want static free, dust free ? Maintaining a dust free home is virtually impossible. However, there are ways to keep the dust from collecting on your blinds. It can be done with a few general household products. These remedies not only help cut down the dust that collects, but will also cut downon the dust mites that exist in the home by the millions. For those of us that have breathing problems caused by dust, these recipes are natural and safe when battling dust bunnies.

The first one is for creating a dust cloth that will kill and sanitize problematic areas in the home that collect the most dust, i.e.., your blinds.

Dust Cloths – Mix 1 cup lemon oil in 2 cups hot water. Saturate the cloths
in the solution; wring out and air dry. Wipe slats with cloth. Store in an airtight container.

Now, the best solution for your window blinds is the following, which will help repel the dust from collecting on your like wood blind or aluminum blind slats.

Dust Repellent – Combine 1 part liquid fabric softener with 4 parts water; pour in a labeled spray bottle. Spray on soft cloth and use on any surface that has static electricity.

This will help reduce the amount of static electricity on your blinds, thus reducing and repelling the amount of dust that typically collects on them.

Another simple way to reduce the static on your window coverings is to simply wipe them with a fabric softener sheet.


4 Responses to “How to Clean blinds and Shades”
  1. tedstrutz says:

    Thanks for the tips, Bob… as always appreciated. Frequent dusting is the best, but who does that?

  2. Lori says:

    Hi Bob. I have a bow window in my living room. 7 total windows 12″ wide. these windows do not open. Of course my sofa is in front of the window. Currently I have drapes that close with a cord. Is it possible to get horizontal blinds for each window that will are connected to each other so you can open/close without having to do each indivicual window? Thank you!

    Wishful thinking.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi lori, I am not aware of a treatment that will operate 7 shades at same time. Only way is to do motorized but a 12 inch wide window is really pushing it. Most companies I deal with are a min. width of 18 ” for motorized. Could do one cellular shades across all. When close stack is only a couple inches, hides away nicely.

  4. Max Sayer says:

    Your comment on using the vacuum for woven shades was great. My wife just bought some and wondered the ways to clean them. We’ll make sure and use this going forward.

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