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What Is A Luminette and Is It Right For You

Picking out window treatments can be fun and confusing at the same time. You look at pictures maybe see a sample of the product you’re interested in. Then you have to make a decision based on a color swatch the size of a cracker. When you actually receive your treatment that you just spent a lot of money on from the cracker sized color swatch, you keep your fingers crossed and pray you like or better yet love it. It can add a little anxiety to your day. In this article I will try to reduce that anxiety . If you have a larger window or patio door that you want a new treatment for the Luminette is worth taking a look at.

What Is A Luminette

What is a Luminette, for those of you who aren’t familiar with I will give my best shot at describing them. Picture this, a regular vertical blind with vanes that are made of fabric but not flimsy fabric a firmer material. Then along the edge of each vane a piece of sheer is attached. So the sheer is attached from one edge to another vane edge. So you end up with a vertical like blind with sheer material attached to one another. It is one continuous piece, in fact the material is shipped rolled onto a long tube.

Luminette Over Patio Door In Tilted Open Position

Luminette Over Patio Door In Tilted Open Position

How Does It Work

It gives you the appearance of a sheer with the functionally of a vertical blind.When tilted open the sheer filters out the light but still maintain your view. Tilt the vanes to control the light or close them for privacy. The control is pretty unique. It’s called a combination wand/cord control. It’s a wand that hangs from the edge of the headrail and is a couple of feet long so it’s hard for small children to reach them. The wand is used to rotate the treatment. Attached to the wand is a cord that is used to draw the luminette. The cord is attached in a way that makes it safe for children.

No Ugly Metal Rod

When you stand back and take a look at this treatment, you see sheer material from top to bottom. On other blinds you might see a ugly headrail at the top that is either cover by a valance or end up putting a cornice over it to give it a more finished appearance. This is an additional expense to you. With the Luminette there is no need for a valance. The material at the top is designed in such a way that it hides the already slim headrail. So you only see your treatment and no need to add a valance to hide a metal headrail.

More On How It Works

They can be made as a split draw, this is where they open from the center and stack to either side of your window. Or one way draw where it draws to just one side either left or right.. So if you have a sliding glass doors you can have it made as a one way draw. Or if you have an extra wide slider with 3 or 4 panes of glass a split draw might work out better for you. Other examples, I’ve seen is a split draw over French doors. When drawn open the doors clear the fabric or draw closed and the doors disappear.

Story Of A Recent Install

The most recent application I seen them used in was a couple who had a open floor plan dinning room living room area with 9 foot ceilings. They had traditional verticals up. On one wall there was about a 60 inch wide window with 5 feet of wall space on each side. The person who sold the verticals thought it would be a good idea to not only cover the window but to also extend the blinds to cover the wall space as well. I guess this worked for a while for them but now feel like it just too closed in. They had the same situation on a adjacent wall both with 6 groups of two windows equaling a total width of 280 inches plus another 4 feet of wall space on either side. All floor to ceiling.

They liked how they could control their light and privacy with the verticals but wanted something more up to date and were getting a little overwhelmed with the closed in feeling the wall to wall verticals were making them feel. So they went with Lumenttes but only overlapped the windows but a few inches on each side. This really opened up the feel of the room and the sheers gave it a light and airy look. They could still control light and privacy and couldn’t have been happier.

They had another room where they had another luminette installed but in this room they had a door with a window in it that they wanted covered. The door was right next to the luminette so to mix up materials could be a decorating disaster. Wood blinds, cellular shades, woven woods just wouldn’t look right. maybe a sheer with a rod at the top and bottom would be OK but luckily, and one of the benefits of this treatment is you can get a matching horizontal treatment called a silhouette. It’s the horizontal version of the Luminette. They had it installed on the door with hold down brackets at the bottom so the treatment wouldn’t flop around when opened or closed.

Luminette Over A Patio Door In Closed Position

Luminette Over A Patio Door In Closed Position

Are They Kid Friendly?

How kid friendly are these window treatments? Well as someone who has installed many of them I think for one they are safe and you can feel confident that your children will be safe around them. But how will they hold up to younger active kids with dirty hands who love Mom and Dad but really don’t care about your new expensive shade you just installed. If it were me I would think twice before putting them up in an area where they would be playing a lot. And I definitely would have serious concerns if I had cats which I do, or rather wife does, I lay no claim to them except for one. I would be so mad if just after installing one of these and my cat decided that it looks more like a climbing wall that a window treatrment.


Overall this is a beautiful window treatment that will add softness with a touch of elegance to you room. It’s a great solution for larger windows and worth looking into. It is a little pricy and can only be bought through Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas has some kind of agreement with their dealers so you will not be able to purchase it online but you can find information online. You could install one of these by yourself with no problem if you take your time and read the instructions first. I got to say the instructions are very good with a lot of detailed pictures. I hope this has helped to give you a little insight to another solution to covering larger windows or patio doors.


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