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Tips To Save Money With Wood Or Faux Wood Blinds

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Tips To Save Money With Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

I have been in the window treatment business for 20 years. I have seen many people pay hundreds of dollars more for the same window treatments I have in my own home. In this article I will give you practical step by step info on how you can buy custom wood blind or faux wood blinds you have been wanting, and save you tons of money doing it. At the end of this article I’ve listed some places where with this knowledge you will find great prices.

    • First try to stay away from shop at home places. You know where the decorator “salesperson” comes out to your home and shows you samples? You will definitely pay top dollar and more. Those places have much more overhead, salesperson’s commission and rent just to name a few. I think one of the reasons people go there is they don’t know what is available or what will fit into their decorating theme. Truth is neither do they, most decorators working for these places are salespeople and never see what the end result looks like in your home. If you want a real decorator to help, find one that has the proper education and is certified. But they don’t come cheap.
    • Second when buying wood or faux wood blinds, consider the house Brand. Almost all online retailers have there own brand of blinds where they purchase materials in large volume. They are made just as well as the name brands like Hunter Douglas, Levelor, and Graber but without the name brand price to go along with it. In fact many of these retailers are contracted by the brand names to assemble their blinds.
    • Third be flexible with your color choice. The house brands are stocked only in the most popular colors. Mostly these are white, off-white, and some earth tone colors.
    • Forth, go with standard controls. By standard I mean tilt mechanism on the left, and lift cords on the right. The house brands are pre assembled and when you place your order they just pull a blind from stock and cut the width and length to your custom measurements. This cuts down on labor cost and the savings are passed on to you. For the same blind if you specify let say both controls on the right side then you will pay a lot more.
    • Fifth you may think that Home Depot or any of the other big box stores will be cheaper if you buy off the shelf. Actually the prices will be about the same as online retailers house brands and even cheaper in many cases. But another reason to buy online is places like Home Depot will only cut the width to your measurement. You either have to live with the excess lengths or trim the length yourself and it’s not as easy as the instructions suggest. It’s very frustrating. In addition the blind will never raise evenly. Buying online they will custom make the width and length plus it’s delivered to your door.

So in conclusion, buying wood blinds, or faux wood blinds can be affordable to do if you shop online and buy house brands. Be flexible with the color and control positions and your blinds. Not only do you get the savings, but you will get a more custom fit. Most places do not charge sales tax. All places that I am familiar with don’t charge shipping either unless they are exceptionally long or oversized. Once they are installed, just sit back and enjoy your savings, and your new look. That’s how you buy wood blinds and faux wood blinds without breaking the bank.

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