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Top Down Bottom Up Shades

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I’m sure you heard the old saying, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”, but with top up bottom down shades you can have your cake and eat it too!
Top up bottom down shades allow you to let the light in, but not allow your privacy to be invaded.  They work well in so many situations such as, on your bedroom windows where you really want your privacy.  You can still let in light, but not the peeping eyes.  They are the answer to houses whose front windows face the street. They also work very well in office buildings when you get that afternoon sun shining in your window on your computer, you can easily adjust the shade to still have light, but not shining on your work space.

Top up bottom down shades come in a variety of styles and colors to match or coordinate to your home or office décor.  For example, they are available in cellular (honeycomb), roman, woven woods, and bamboo.  You can get the opaque; meaning light will not go through them, semi opaque, semi sheer, and sheer. 

They also come with standard corded controls or cordless.  Now this is something you will want to definitely give some consideration to.  Corded shades have a cord on each side of the shade.  One cord draws the bottom of the shade up, and one cord draws the top of the shade down.  They are less expensive than the cordless shade. If you have only one or two windows, this may not be a problem for you.  

If however, you are outfitting say a 5 pane bay window with top up bottom down shades, you will have 10 cords hanging.  This may not look very good, and also your cords may tend to get tangled with the other cord right next to it.  So keep this in mind if you have multiple windows, close together.  If you have a double window, you may want to consider a single head rail with two shades.  You can operate each shade different if you choose to.  You can get cordless even on woven woods, but not all companies carry them. 

Cordless shadees also tend to have a neater look to them.  You simply use your hand to push your shade up where you want it, or down where you want it.  The drawback here is if you have a high window, you won’t be able to reach it to push it down.  But don’t worry there is an answer to that also.  Remote control top up bottom down shades.  Then you can open your shades any way you want to from the floor.  Of course, these are more expensive than either of the other two ways. 

These shades are also be good insulators from the heat and cold.  Some are better than others.  The best to keep out the hot rays of the sun, or the cold blast of that arctic air in the winter would be the triple cell honeycomb shade.  These shades will trap a lot of the hot or cold air in the honeycombs cells and keep it out of your house.  It works as well as having closed, lined, draperies.

Anyway you slice it, (get it, slice it, as in cake) top up bottom down shades are a very nice, practical, window treatment for people who want light, control their view, but enjoy their privacy……

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  1. jahid alam says:

    It is a very innovative concept in which a window can work as a door also with the help of shades.
    It prevents the extra sunlight causing glaring problem.There is a variety of shades available in the market so a buyer is free to pick and choose the color and design of their own.

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