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Cordless cellular shades-Pros and Cons of Top Down Bottom Up

Cordless Cellular Shades

honeycomb blinds

Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades (inside Mounts)

Cordless Cellular Shades with the top down bottom up feature have many benefits…They will save you money on fuel bills–they are much  safer for your children–very easy to operate–and keeps the peeping toms from peeking in but lets you see out …..They work great on most windows but from my experience not all windows.

In this article I will review the pros and cons based on customer feedback and my experience as an installer. The technology has improve vastly since cordless cellular shades came on the market. Back then the bugs were still being worked out. I have installed this window covering on a regular basis and would say 98% of the time they work just like they are suppose to. There are a few occasions where they don’t, but it’s rare. Since cordless cellular shades have improved so much they added the top down bottom up feature.

The top down bottom up feature was added to allowed you to have a window covering where you can maintain your privacy by having the lower portion of your window covered while letting light in through the top.  They are used alot in bedrooms, bathrooms and first floor windows facing the street.


  • Clean look because there are no cords and one of the safest window covering for children
  • Great for pets as well, no danglely cords for the cats to play with.
  • Much lighter than other window treatments like a wood blind for example.
  • Easy to install, same as regular cellular shades.
  • Great solution for rooms where you want to maintain your privacy and still be able to see out and let light in.


  • More expensive than regular cellular shades.
  • If you have tall windows where you cannot reach the top then you also won’t be able to operate the top portion of the shade without a step stool.
  • Hard to operate in hard to reach areas like over a kitchen sink or in laundry room over a washer or dryer.
  • On larger size windows, the coils wear out quicker causing the shade not to stay up on their own anymore. on average size windows I havn’t seen problems. It’s when you start getting into sizes 50 inches or wider and lenghts 60 inches or longer. For the larger windows consider mutiplue shades. For example instead of one 72 inch wide, go with two 36 inche wide shades side by side.

I love to save money without sacrificing quality that is why I purchase all my window treatments online. Not only will you save money but they will send you a sample of the material at no charge so you can match it to your decor. Most companies will ship for free and guarantee their product. I hope this article helped bring to light some of the pros and cons of top down bottom cordless cellular shades



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7 Responses to “Cordless cellular shades-Pros and Cons of Top Down Bottom Up”
  1. tim says:

    I have some aluminum frame picture windows, about 50″ by 50″ at the corners and a top arch to about 58″ in the center (hispanic style). I would like to maintain the view, so wondered if I could mount a cellular shade on the bottom frame and slide up when needed (maybe attach the cords/mechanisms directly to the top of the window frame (arch) if necessary). Cordless would be the most elegant and TDBU seems the most nifty if possible. Thanks

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Tim

    There is a shade design for your application. It’s a cellular shade that is fixed at the bottom and the top can be lowered. The top of the shade conforms to the shape of the top of your window. I have installed many of them, not too diffucult to install but you do need a template. Here’s a picture and a link for more info and where you can buy them. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Sunset movable arch
    sunset movable arch

  3. tim says:

    That appears to be the solution, thanks so much!

  4. Nicole says:

    I was considering the top down bottom-up for my 78 wide masterbedroom window. After your article I am reconsidering. Is it also not a good idea to use a cordless honeycomb shade for this size? Will it also wear out easier? What about the “Siloutte style” window treatments for this size. Is it always better to do two?

  5. I agree with Robert. Top down bottom up shades are not a good choice for large windows. For larger windows you don’t really need the top down bottom up feature. Just stick with a typical cellular shade. It will be cheaper and last longer.

  6. jahid alam says:

    the best thing is they will send you a sample of the material at no charge so you can match it to your also save our money.

  7. Michael Armstrong says:

    I’m converting a bunch of Hunter-Douglas Duette shades to TDBU. Much easier than I thought it would be, but I haven’t found an inexpensive source for some of the parts needed (e.g., bottom rail, stiffener). For now, I’m throwing myself on the mercy of a local retailer who’s giving me old H-D shades removed during new installations, rather than trashing them. It’s an inexpensive but unpredictable source. Any suggestions?

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