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How to install inside mount cordless top down bottom up cellular shades

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Cordless cellular shade in deep opening set close to windowI like to joke around with my friends and customers and tell them they should never attempt to install  top down bottom up cordless shades, that it is very difficult. That way I’ll always have business but the truth is once you know how to install them they take just a few minutes each to put up.

In this article I’ll take any mystery out of installing top down bottom up cordless shades for inside mounts. Reading the installation instructions might be a good place to start but they can be vague and out dated. I know of instructions where the brackets in the manual didn’t match the actual brackets. That’s because they don’t update the instruction manuals on a regular basis. This can make things very confusing when this is your first attempt. Actually I ‘ve had people tell me the installation is easier than the instructions make them out to be.

OK on to the installation…first unpack everything (this will take longer than the installation). Look for the screws, if the screws aren’t at least 1-1/2 long don’t use them. You need 1-1/2 long screws so it will achor into the wood framing behind the drywall.

Next find a bracket and clip it onto the headrail of the cordless cellular shade. Then hold the shade up in the window opening, back closer to the glass or closer to the front to be more flush with the wall. Once you positioned it to where you want it then make a mark right behind the bracket then remove the bracket from the headrail. This will tell you how deep to mount the brackets. Keep this measurement so you know how deep to go for other windows in your house.

Next your ready to install the brackets. Measure in about 4 inches from each side of the window opening. Then mark how deep the brackets going and hold your bracket in place and drive the 1 1/2 screw in. Most window openings take just two brackets but if you have a wide window then you’ll need more. Instructions should tell you how many you’ll need.

Once the brackets are in then catch the channel on the headrail onto the lip of the bracket and pop into place, you’ll hear it catch. Next mount the bottom rail…just kidding, you don’t mount the bottom rail. You don’t do anything with the bottom rail except raise or lower it when you feel like it.

Your all done…now take pride in your accomplishment and enjoy your top down bottom up cordless shades ….more info

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