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Traverse Curtain Rods

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The Kirsch Super Fine Traversing Curtain Rod is a strong curatin rod that will last for years. The patented angled design allows drapery headings to stand erect, no saging like I’ve seen on some rods. It’s unique design makes it the strongest and smoothest operating rod on the market.    

All rods come in white and are available in adjustable sizes; 30-48, 38-66, 48-86, 66-120 up to 160-300. They are also available in double rods if you have curtains and sheers. They are packaged with all necessary hardware so your won’t have to run to the hardware store unless you don’t have a drill. To figure your size just take your window opening trim to trim and add 1 1/2 to 3 inches to each side. So if your opening is 84 inches you would need curtain rod 87 to 90 inches wide so go with the 66-120. If you want to go wider thats fine as long as you have the wall space. The super fine rod is fairly easy to install and comes with detailed instructions. But there are a couple of things that can get overlooked and will effect the way it operates and the look of your curtains.First…don’t forget to remove any excess carriers. It comes with good instructions on how to do this and is very easy. If you leave extra carriers in that are not being used, then your curtains won’t close as tight. This will effect the overall appearance….see picture at right. 


Second…this is a very important step. Once the rod is installed, you’ll see you have plastic carriers for the pins to hook into and then you have the lead or master carrier. Thats the bigger piece that you see the string attached to on the back. On the back of the master carrier you see a finger sticking down with a cord just above it. Now draw the rod closed so the carriers meet in the middle. For a one way draw, draw it closed to one side. Hold the carriers in place and with a pair of long nose plyers grab the cord and catch it around the finger pointing down. You’ll see this step in the instructions. Failure to do this will result in the curtain rod not openening and closing properly.  

 Overall this is a good product that I have used in many applications and feel confident to recommend it to you…..more info    

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