Friday, February 23, 2018

Vertical Alternative

More and more customers are looking for an alternative to vertical blinds. They want a new look, something that won’t take up so much space. They are tired of blinds flopping around every time the wind blows. One good alternative is the “vertical cellular”.
 Helps Reduce Energy Cost
Vertical cellulars are cellular shades in a horizontal position. They slide left and right and have minimal stack so it won’t cover up your glass as much and you can keep more of your view. They are good insulators and reduce energy cost, you will feel the difference when you slide it open. You can also coordinate the colors and material with other cellular shades, so you can match a kitchen sink or near by patio door.

 Match Them With Other Cellular Shades In Your Room
 With regular verticals, have you ever seen missing or cracked vanes or some vanes that won’t rotate anymore? Well with vertical cellulars there are no individual vanes to crack or break, it is one continuous piece of material. Although I perfer the light control the traditional vertical offers I give the vertical cellular thumbs up for its stylish look, tight stack and energy efficiency. 
I get great feedback from customers with vertical cellulars. If your looking for an alternative to the traditional vertical, then consider the vertical cellular blind.
For More Information About Vertical Cellulars Click Here.

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