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Window Coverings For Your Bathroom

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Bathroom window coverings present unique challenges due to the high levels of humidity, however, there are various window shades and blinds on the market today that are up to the challenge and can make an appealing splash in your bathroom as well.

Whether you have a small bathroom with one lone window or you have a luxurious bathroom where you want the window adornment to complement the décor, there are a variety of fitting bathroom window shades and blinds you can choose from. Do make sure that whatever window covering you decide on will not impede the opening of the window. Properly affixed, you should have no trouble ventilating the bathroom whenever you need to.

Keeping it Simple

For the most inexpensive and simple bathroom window covering, you can hang a cellular shade. Not only are these inexpensive and go with almost any décor, but they also offer the versatility of a wide variety of colors. Stick to the traditional white if you like or go bolder and choose from a variety of sleek and stylish colors. You’ll find that this simple yet elegant window covering is easy to clean and maintain as well.

You can also go ultra simple and chic at the same time by draping scarves or material over a handsome rod or just use attractive hooks. This makes it easy to change out the look of your bathroom windows at a moment’s notice and you can also throw the material in the wash anytime you need to.

For Wood Lovers

A good rule of thumb to use when decorating bathroom windows with wood treatments in areas with high humidity is to use faux wood window coverings. The reason for this is because window blinds or shutters constructed from hardwoods may warp in humid areas. By using faux wood products, you can still get the look you want without worrying about damaging the wood. While faux wood window coverings have the look of real wood, they are easier to maintain and cheaper to boot.

For the Look of Luxury

Decorating your windows to complement the décor in your upscale bathroom is easy to accomplish with drapes and fabric covered shades that won’t mildew. If your bathroom windows are situated so that you need privacy, consider privacy shades that will keep out the UV rays while at the same time offer you a private refuge. If your bathroom looks out over a spectacular view and you don’t have to worry about privacy, consider solar shades as they will preserve the view while keeping the glare to a minimum.

Whatever style you desire for your bathroom window coverings, you can find a complementary design that will offer you the features you desire, such as privacy, UV protection, and still offer an appealing dressing for your windows.

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