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Afraid of making a mistake when measuring for window coverings

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Once upon a time, when people ordered window coverings, a man in a clean, starched uniform would appear at their door with measuring tape and an invoice pad. He would then discuss the type of window coverings desired, pull out his measuring tape and begin measuring for window coverings. When he finished measuring, the people who lived in the house would breathe a sigh of relief. They would eagerly sign the invoice because the…

…..scariest part of ordering new window coverings–the measuring-was over.

The window treatment business has changed a lot over the past decades as most window covering business is now conducted through on-line window treatment stores. Although shopping on the Internet has its advantages, for the person buying window coverings, the idea of measuring can be very intimidating. There is a real apprehension about making a mistake when measuring for window coverings and unfortunately, there are some reasons to be fearful.

Some on-line window treatment companies rely on the homeowner to measure for the window coverings. But a measurement mistake can result in a remake which will cost you another 50% of what you paid on the original order. A remake of your order is also going to cost you the time without the window coverings you ordered and paid for…twice.

Fortunately, not all window covering companies are the same. Choose a company , and you will have no measuring problems. They have a “no worry measuring program”. Kinda like an insurance policy. So for a fee, if you mis-measure, they will replace your treatment at no charge.

Many on line window treatment business use a nationwide blind installation a company of professional installers will not only measure for window coverings but install them and that’s not all: they guarantee their work! Now you can order your window treatments on-line without fear while knowing that you are saving money by buying on-line.


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