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Here are the facts on Fake Wood Blinds

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You’ve finally decided on what kind of window treatments would look best in your room: its wood blinds for you! Wood blinds provide a classic look for any room, you can control the amount of light by easily moving the wooden rod up or down and they will afford you and your family privacy. But now, as you begin your search for the perfect blind you discover…fake wood blinds.

What’s the difference? Although both fake wood blinds and wood blinds have their advantages and disadvantages, you may want to consider fake wood blinds after you’ve looked at the facts.

Fake wood blinds, also referred to as faux woods look like real wood but are much easier to keep clean and dusted. They also come in a variety of colors as well as wood tones and they won’t cheap or peel making them a very durable choice. Faux wood blinds are more tolerant of high humidity such as what is found in kitchen and
bathroom areas. This should also be a consideration if you live in a high humidity area such as southeastern United States or along the coastlines.

But real wood offers some significant advantages such as they weigh less than faux wood and probably the biggest difference is in the look: real wood has a warm, richer looker than fake wood.

Finally, one considerable advantage is the cost of faux wood blinds versus the cost of real wood blinds. For the budget conscious, faux wood blinds can save you money especially if your room needs several sets of blinds. Compare prices between the fake wood blinds and the real wood blinds and you will see that the faux wood blinds will be your best choice for your money.

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2 Responses to “Here are the facts on Fake Wood Blinds”
  1. Lori says:

    Although there are some advantages to faux wood, price being the biggest, PVC material is the most affected by heat and sun–and is substantially more flexible than real wood. For that reason, as well as it’s heavier weight, the ladder spacing is much closer requiring more vertical cords across the width of a blind than a real wood. Cutdown (stock, super cheap) blinds exacerbate the effects of material softened by heat — the ‘happy blind’ (sagging in the middle as if it were smiling) is usually a PVC material and usually a stock cutdown. So, faux material will last forever but it may not wear as well–well-conditioned wood blinds or even composite faux woods might be a better long-term value. Thanks for your site!

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the info. There are certainly many different types of blinds to consider if you are on a budget though, or just want a new look for your room. I like the look of wood & faux blinds but I also like the other styles that are now becoming popular that add color and style to rooms more.

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