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Window Shades, Should I Buy Online?

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It’s time to buy new window shades. You will always know when it is time to buy new window shades. It’s that feeling you get when walk into a room and something just doesn’t feel right or rather, look right. Maybe its those window shades, the ones you bought at 20 years ago when you moved into the house. An antique? Hardly. Let’s face it, those old, yellowed, frayed window blinds just haven’t aged very well.

So where can you turn for new window treatments? You can try those “shop at home” places where a decorator (salesperson) comes to your house. Or go to one of the big box stores.

How about shopping on line for that next pair of window shades?

Before you start opening the phone directory…
…let me tell you about the advantages of shopping on line.

  • I only buy on-line because of the considerable savings. I know that I am getting the very same product but am paying much less than when I step into a big box store or shop at home place. Those places, like the ones that you see advertised on TV are soooo much more expensive.
    They have to;
    pay commissions and salaries to the salespeople,
    pay someone to manage those salespeople,
    pay someone to receive and warehouse all that product,
    pay someone to call you to schedule an install.The on-line “stores” don’t have those expenses and can afford to pass on savings to the customer.


  • I’m buying the same brands of window treatment products on-line that I could buy in that store. Bali, Levolor, Graber, all major window shade manufacturers are available on-line. Most companies have their own house brands where you can save even more money on window blinds.
  • Professional installers who guarantee the measure and blind installation. I am confident that measuring blinds and blind installation of any kind of window treatment that is purchased on-line will go without a hitch since most on-line retailers work with professional installers who guarantee the measure and blind installation. If there is a mistake, you don’t pay…they do. Many of these installers like myself belong to NBI, National Blinds Installation. Hundreds of professionally-trained window treatment installers who work in conjunction with the window treatment manufacturers to deliver to you a professionally installed, good-looking window treatment. Shop-at-Home places take the installers cost and mark it up so they can make a profit. This doesn’t happen when you buy on-line; another savings for you.
  • Finally, most on-line window treatment companies offer free shipping and they deliver the product sooner. Why? because it’s shipped direct to you. If you order your window blinds through a big box store or shop at home place, instead of going directly to you , it’s shipped to them. Then it sits in the warehouse until someone picks up the phone to call you. Then it sits longer until someone brings it out to you for installation. Buying on-line means that your window shades will be delivered directly to you. It’s as easy as that!

I know window treatments are expensive. I ‘ve been in this business a long time and the issues I stated above are real. I see people spending thousands of dollars on sometimes just one or two treatments. It’s doesn’t have to be like that, buying online means substantial savings 50% or more in many cases. Good luck and hope you save lots of money.

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