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How to save money on 2 inch faux wood blinds

Recently I needed faux wood 2 inch blinds for my sons bedroom. I wanted to get the best price possible but didn’t want to go throught the hassle of trimming the length on site, which I would have to do if I purchased in stock from the big box stores.

As an installer, I have trimmed the length before, and not only is it a hassle, but have fun trying to get the blind to rasie and lower evenly.

I knew I could find a custom faux wood 2 inch blind at an off the shelve price, so I did some research online and found exactly what I wanted at a price I was very pleased with.

Most retailers online have an value brand of blinds. They are inexpensive faux wood 2 inch blind with a higher quality than “off the shelf” faux wood blinds.
The options are more limited, but without sacrificing quality you will get remarkable savings.
These blinds are the same as the higher priced faux wood 2 inch blinds, but are offered in limited colors, which allow them to be produced at a reduced cost. All controls are standard with the tilt on the left and the lift cord on the right.
I perfer the faux woods over real woods because of the savings, and from what I have seen there is not a noticable difference. The texture simulates the look of real wood. They are fully washable, unaffected by humidity, and heavier, but more durable and rugged.

I put together a chart to help you compare some retailers. Keep in mine while there are some advantage to buying in stock from places like Home Depot and Lowes, there is a big disadvantage and that is you have to trim the excess length off youself to fit you window, and you only have a choice of one or two colors.

Note: These prices are for  a 24 X 36 blind March 2013
Company Name Blind Name Colors Price Handling Fee per order Ship Charge Custom Made Economy 2 $13.72                  $4.95 Free  Yes      Express      8 $28.38                  $4.95         Free            Yes      Own Brand      6 $22.00                  None         Free            Yes
Selectblinds      Express      5 $15.69                  $5.95         Free            Yes
Home Depot     DesignerView      1 $36.98                  None  StoreStock width only
Lowes      Levelor      1 $56.98                  None  StoreStock width only
Click on company name for current pricing and colors.

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