Friday, February 23, 2018

It’s midnight anytime you want with these cellular shades

“I was installing cellular shades in a nursery for a new mother.They already had blinds but they were letting too much light come through and was disturbing their babies sleep.Maybe your a new parent, or you work nights and sleep days and want your bedroom to look like it’s midnight at noon. Or you have a media room and it must be as dark as a movie theatre.

If any of these are issues for you then the best treatment I found to block out light is the room darkening cellular shade.These cellular shades are made of fabric lined with mylar. The fabric rejects 100 % visible light and UV rays. They’re also great insulators. They have a solid white backing to assure a nice appearance from the outside.

Room darkening shades block out 99 % of the light but there is a little that comes in at the sides, top and bottom. To minimize this I found installing side panels will take care of the light coming through at the sides. On the top it’s more apparent on inside mounts. If you install the shade close as possible to the window that helps, or if you want a top treatments is fine. At the bottom if you have a outside mount just make the shade to go several inches below the opening. On an inside mount make the cellular shade a inch or two longer, this allows the bottom rail to rest on the sill better.

If you want your room to look like midnight at any time of the day, then I recommended the room darkening cellular shades.
Note: room darkening cellular shades are also know as blackout shades.

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