Friday, February 23, 2018

Sheer Shades combine sheers & blinds…Tips to use now

Sheer Shades When selecting window. treatments you want something that fits your decor and performs the function you want, like controlling light or privacy. I had a customer who wanted sheer window treatments for her dining room. She didn’t want a traditional treatment like wood blinds or verticals. She wanted something soft and elegant like […]

Energy Efficient Blinds…My Favorite Choice

Home energy bills have increased dramatically over the past 5 years. Sometimes I feel helpless as I watch these energy companies have their way with consumers and rake in big profits. I don’t like giving my money to them so I do what I can to save energy. Programmable thermostats, energy efficient appliances and windows […]

How to save money on 2 inch faux wood blinds

Recently I needed faux wood 2 inch blinds for my sons bedroom. I wanted to get the best price possible but didn’t want to go throught the hassle of trimming the length on site, which I would have to do if I purchased in stock from the big box stores. As an installer, I have […]

It’s midnight anytime you want with these cellular shades

“I was installing cellular shades in a nursery for a new mother.They already had blinds but they were letting too much light come through and was disturbing their babies sleep.Maybe your a new parent, or you work nights and sleep days and want your bedroom to look like it’s midnight at noon. Or you have […]