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Your Must Know Guide To Window Treatments

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Window treatments play an important role in home decorating. Not only do you want them to look nice and add character, but they must serve a function as well; direct or block out light, provide privacy, protect furnishings from the sun, or keep out hot and cold air. First Analyze Your Needs Before deciding on […]

Questions You Must Ask When Buying Indoor Shutters

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Indoor Shutters Indoor shutters compliment both traditional and contemporary decor and have a high resale value plus they’re good insulators. Two of the most popular are Wood Shutters and Faux Shutters. In this article you’ll learn about some of the things to be aware of when shopping shutters.. Faux Wood vs Real Wood Shutters There […]

Everything You Need To Know About Verticals

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  There are a few things to consider when selecting vertical blinds, color, style, vertical vinyl blinds vs. vertical fabric blinds, vertical blinds valances, headrails, and child safety. Taking these considerations into account will increase your odds of achieving the look and function you want.                Vertical Vinyl Blinds Are Easy To Clean First lets look at materials […]

Wood Blinds vs Faux Woods…and the Winner is

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Wood Blinds Faux Wood Blinds Throughout my years of work in the window treatment business, I am often asked what the difference is between real wood blinds and faux wood blinds. I have installed hundreds of each kind over the years in homes and businesses. In most cases, it is based on aesthetics, because visually […]