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How to install outside mount cordless cellular shades

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In this article I’ll review some installation tips to install outside mount  cordless shades. Most online retailers have very good installation instructions as well as videos but there are some things they don’t talk about. In this article I’ll show you some of the techniques I use as a window treatment installer on a daily basis. Before I […]

How to install inside mount cordless top down bottom up cellular shades

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I like to joke around with my friends and customers and tell them they should never attempt to install  top down bottom up cordless shades, that it is very difficult. That way I’ll always have business but the truth is once you know how to install them they take just a few minutes each to […]

How To Install The Do-It-Yourself Enclosed Blind

Enclosed Blinds If you want enclose blinds on your door but don’t want to replace the door or glass then you will be interested in this product. These door blinds are a clean solution for entry or any steel or fiberglass door. They are child safe and maintenance free as well as pet proof. Step […]

How To Install A Draw Curtain Rod

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In this article I will review the installation of a conventional traversing curtain rod or commonly know as a draw rod. Make sure you have your curtains, good tape measure, wall anchors and drapery pins and a curtain rod.    First…determine your face width. For a split draw curtain rod measure the width of both panels […]