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How to measure for outside mount cellular shades

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So you think you can measure for cellular shades on your own….truth is, you can. But there are some tips you need to know that you won’t find in the instruction manual. In this article I will go over some tips for measuring outside mount cellular shades. After reading this you will have the confidence […]

How to measure for inside mount cellular shades

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I always said the better your shades are measured the easier it is to install them and the better they look.   In this article I will touch on some of the basics for measuring your windows for cellular shades but you can also find measuring instructions on the web site of where you purchase […]

How to install outside mount cordless cellular shades

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In this article I’ll review some installation tips to install outside mount  cordless shades. Most online retailers have very good installation instructions as well as videos but there are some things they don’t talk about. In this article I’ll show you some of the techniques I use as a window treatment installer on a daily basis. Before I […]

How to install inside mount cordless top down bottom up cellular shades

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I like to joke around with my friends and customers and tell them they should never attempt to install  top down bottom up cordless shades, that it is very difficult. That way I’ll always have business but the truth is once you know how to install them they take just a few minutes each to […]

Cordless cellular shades-Pros and Cons of Top Down Bottom Up

Cordless Cellular Shades with the top down bottom up feature have many benefits…They will save you money on fuel bills–they are much  safer for your children–very easy to operate–and keeps the peeping toms from peeking in but lets you see out …..They work great on most windows but from my experience not all windows.

Are Room Darkening Shades Really Room Darkening

When we think of window treatments such as curtains, blinds and shades, we are usually thinking about their decorative value and the privacy they can afford us. But what about their room darkening value?… Most curtains and drapes will give you the privacy you seek and they may even have some light-cutting properties but if […]

Window treatments for Bay Windows…What you need to know before you buy

I have seen a lot of good information on the Internet offering suggestions based on needs and style for window treatments for bay windows. It is pointed out that window treatments for bay windows in the front of your house looking out into a street may be different than the rear overlooking a yard or […]

Energy Efficient Blinds…My Favorite Choice

Home energy bills have increased dramatically over the past 5 years. Sometimes I feel helpless as I watch these energy companies have their way with consumers and rake in big profits. I don’t like giving my money to them so I do what I can to save energy. Programmable thermostats, energy efficient appliances and windows […]

It’s midnight anytime you want with these cellular shades

“I was installing cellular shades in a nursery for a new mother.They already had blinds but they were letting too much light come through and was disturbing their babies sleep.Maybe your a new parent, or you work nights and sleep days and want your bedroom to look like it’s midnight at noon. Or you have […]