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Room Darkening Shades

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Room Darkening Shades There are many reasons one might require room darkening shades that really do the job. Perhaps you work nights and sleep during the day.  Baby nurseries are another good reason to install room darkening shades. The latest reason people want room darkening shades is for their media room.  This article will explain what some […]

Are Room Darkening Shades Really Room Darkening

When we think of window treatments such as curtains, blinds and shades, we are usually thinking about their decorative value and the privacy they can afford us. But what about their room darkening value?… Most curtains and drapes will give you the privacy you seek and they may even have some light-cutting properties but if […]

It’s midnight anytime you want with these cellular shades

“I was installing cellular shades in a nursery for a new mother.They already had blinds but they were letting too much light come through and was disturbing their babies sleep.Maybe your a new parent, or you work nights and sleep days and want your bedroom to look like it’s midnight at noon. Or you have […]